Bachelor of Laws Programme – Ll.B
 Entry Requirement
Direct Entry
Possess three credits in the Certificate of Secondary Education
Examination (CSEE) (―O‖ Level) and
The applicant should have completed ―Advanced Certificate of
Secondary Education Examination‖ ACSEE (―A‖ Level) with at least
(2) Principal passes with an overall score of not less than 4.0 points.
Equivalent Entry Scheme
At least four (4) passes in approved subjects in the Certificate of
Secondary Education (―O‖ level); and
Holders of a Diploma of law or related field with average grade B or
GPA of 3.0
Foundation programme of the Open University of Tanzania with a
minimum GPA of 3.0 in science cluster.
A holder of A bachelor degree award in any relevant field from any
accredited university or its equivalent or from a recognized institution of
higher learning